Profile - Marino Giancarlo

Marino Giancarlo, President and founder of Saddle-ite Management Consulting, has extensive experience in all aspects of Human Resources Management.  This includes:

  • executive coaching and mentoring
  • career transition coaching
  • career planning
  • human resources development
  • leadership development
  • performance management
  • organizational effectiveness
  • strategic planning





    Marino graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.A. in psychology and sociology. He administers and interprets psychometric instruments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, the Personal Profile Analysis® based on the DiSC model and the Strength Deployment Inventory®.

    Marino utilizes strong interpersonal; written and communication; coaching; consulting and facilitating skills. Along with a process and team approach, he is quality driven and client-focused. All assignments are completed with integrity.

    Marino assists both organizations and individuals to effectively deal with change and career management.  He has developed a career transition process on the premise that career management is a journey, not a destination. Marino has also developed a performance  management workshop, team building and leadership seminars and a strategic planning model.  He has authored a career management manual and developed job search seminars.

    His experience includes participation in the development of a self-assessment process for individuals participating in the government sponsored Self Employment Assistance (SEA) Program.

    As Human Resources Manager with a major international professional services firm and a major retailer, Marino  was responsible for a variety of human resources functions that included: performance management; coaching; career planning; recruitment; strategic planning and communications. He was extensively involved with training and development.

    Marino is currently active in:

  • Human Resources Association of Calgary
  • Board Member and Director of Communications for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.
    Held the position of Director of Professional Development.

  • The Human Resources Institute of Alberta
  • Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)
    Participated on a National Committee (Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations-CCHRA) 2009
    Past Board member and member of the Certification Committee.

  • Calgary Chamber of Commerce
    Member of the Human Resources Committee
    Contact person for Hire A Student
    Past member of the Career Show Committee

  • Strategic Capabilities Network
    Active Member

  • The Southern Alberta Association For Psychological Type (SAAPT)
    Active Member

  • Human Resources Professionals Career Network (HRPCN)
    Co-chair organizing speakers and meetings