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The original DiSC® Classic Profile, the flagship instrument, and the DiSC® Personal Profile System Software (PPSS) help individuals:

  • Understand their own behaviour style
  • Gain insights into the behaviour of others
  • Deal more effectively with conflict
  • Improve cooperation
  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Understand leadership styles
  • Improve communication.

DiSC® will also help sales professionals:

  • Create and maintain relationship-based sales
  • Identify their customer's DiSC styles
  • Adapt their selling or support styles accordingly
  • Stay focused on customer needs
  • Manage difficult customer service situations.

Inscape Publishing® believes that “Insight Is Everything!”

Insight is the spark of true understanding and the catalyst for meaningful change. Learning instruments work because they provide an opportunity for people and organizations to personally invest themselves in the process. This leads to greater change because it inspires people to self-discovery. This self-discovery provides the foundation for powerful learning.

Inscape Publishing has developed a core collection of time tested learning instruments or profiles which include:

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  • DiSC® Indra™
  • Creates a new level of understanding because it maps and measures the relationships of people, providing individuals and groups with feedback and insight concerning the interrelatedness of different DiSC styles. It is designed for use in settings where interpersonal effectiveness is key to the success of individuals and teams.

  • Role Behavior Analysis™ (RBA)
  • Determines how a role or function can be performed most effectively. The RBA provides a practical process for defining behavioural expectations for specific roles and for developing strategies to meet role expectations.

  • Team Dimensions Profile
  • Helps people work more effectively in teams. Discover the right roles for the right people and help team members understand the importance of each role. The Team Dimensions Profile will help teams:
                 - Identify individual approaches to innovative teamwork
                 - Match individual strengths with team roles
                 - Reinforce and appreciate the contribution of others
                 - Reduce team stress and conflict
                 - Help foster trust and build mutual support
                 - Encourage team innovation and problem solving
                 - Reduce project cycle time
                 - Increase productivity.

  • Work Expectation Profile
  • Provides a framework to help employees and managers understand and discuss the “psychological contract” that affects job satisfaction and performance. Committed, productive employees are key to organizational success and a healthy bottom line. The challenge is retaining and developing satisfied, committed employees. The Work Expectation Profile helps people explore ten work expectations that impact today’s employment environment.

  • Time Mastery Profile®
  • Helps individuals maximize their time, set priorities, and find greater balance. The instrument helps people explore time related behaviours in 12 key areas.

  • Personal Listening Profile®
  • Helps individuals discover their preferred or most natural approach to listening as they also gain insight into the different listening approaches of others. People also come to recognize that their preferred listening approach may not be appropriate to every situation.

  • Discovering Diversity Profile®
  • Individuals can explore their viewpoints on workforce diversity and where they need to develop increased understanding. This self directed learning tool provides a safe, confidential way for employees to explore the complex issues surrounding diversity.

  • Dimensions of Leadership Profile
  • Discover and develop leadership potential and expand your definition of leadership. The Dimensions of Leadership Profile allows learners to explore and discover leadership from one of these points of view: self as leader, another person as leader, or the need for leadership. The learner is guided through a personal assessment of four broad aspects of leadership to determine their view of the 12 specific Dimensions of Leadership.

  • Coping and Stress Profile®
  • This unique learning instrument provides people with valuable feedback on stress and coping in four interconnected areas of life: personal, work, couple and family. Four key coping resources are examined.

  • Personal Learning Insights Profile®
  • Designed to help people identify their personal learning approach, communicate their learning needs and access more effective learning resources. People identify and come to understand how they experience, process, organize, store and retrieve information.

  • Transition: The Personal Path Through Change
  • This learning tool is based on the work of William Bridges and integrates the insights of DiSC to help employees find the most personally effective way of moving through transitions. The learning guide helps employees through the emotional transition from “what was” to “what will be”. This powerful resource for Change Management actively engages people in responding to change and introduces a practical guided process for moving through the three phases of transition.