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Mergers And Acquisitions Support
  • Saddle-ite Management Consulting has prepared a Transition Workshop that can be introduced while employees are still working to prepare them for the final decisions.
  • During mergers and acquisitions, organizations want to manage and retain their talent pool and maintain productivity.
  • Many individuals become concerned about their future during these transition periods.
  • The acquiring company may request resumes and interviews.

Transition Workshop

  • Workshops can be presented in half-day modules to minimize time away from regular work activities.
  • Workshop attendees receive a comprehensive manual to retain as an excellent reference.
  • Secretarial support can be provided for the preparation of resumes.
  • A pool of consultation hours, after the workshop, helps individuals deal with their specific issues related to the Merger and Acquisition Career Transition process.

Workshop topics may include:

  • Understanding and Managing Change
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Self-Assessment Tools (i.e., MBTI® and DiSC®)
  • Workplace Trends
  • Resume and Correspondence Preparation
  • Conducting Research
  • Target Marketing and Networking
  • Branding and Positioning Yourself for Internal and External Opportunities
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Interview Preparation
  • Coaching References
  • Negotiating Strategies