Our Services

Designed for employees who need confidential and professional assistance to deal with career issues such as: personal managerial and leadership style, performance, communication and conflict management.

Program may include:

  • Individual assessment of leadership styles and key behaviour dimensions gathered through meetings, interviews, self-assessment exercises and self evaluation.
  • Administration and interpretation of assessment tools.
  • 360 feedback information obtained from current superiors, peers and subordinates.
  • An action plan with objectives, strategies and measurable desired outcomes.
  • Coaching regarding skill development required to effectively pursue action plan objectives.
  • Follow-up coaching for program duration.
  • External industrial psychological and career assessment testing by an accredited Industrial/Organization Psychologist (if required).

Expected results would include:

  • Increased awareness by the employee of company perceptions.
  • Better understanding by the employee of their individual style, behaviour dimensions and self-perceptions.
  • Identified first steps in modifying behaviour style as a result of ongoing coaching support.
  • An Action Plan to move forward with the primary responsibility for career management resting with the individual.

Your organization and our coaching will provide the support and catalyst for change.