Our Services

Saddle-ite Management can support your recruitment for top talent in today’s competitive and “hot market”.

We work with your human resources professionals and your line managers throughout the recruitment process. This assistance frees up the line manager’s time so they can continue to manage the company’s business. It also frees up your human resources team’s time to focus on other strategic initiatives because recruiting can be very time consuming and intense.

Our areas of recruitment support include:

  • Meeting with managers to prepare and discuss job requirements.
  • Reviewing and screening of resumes.
  • Preparing interview questions.
  • Conducting first interviews.
  • Checking references.
  • Post interview follow-up and candidate management.
  • Notifying unsuccessful candidates.

We can also assist your human resources team and/or line managers with other H.R. initiatives such as:

  • Exit interviews.
  • Facilitating in-house training programs.
  • Special projects or work overflow.